Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Personal Growth

My senior year has been one of the most hectic times in my life. I’ve had to balance everything from AP and honors courses to being a captain and a president of a club along with the process of applying for college and fitting work and a social life all into this busy schedule. It was very hard for me to get into a consistent school schedule with everything going on in my life and at times I became very unfocused especially in the beginning of the year when I was trying to establish a balance of all these activities. As my year comes to an end I’ve noticed my own work in English class become better.

            English has never been my strong subject. I always know what I want to say and I always have very strong opinions but it’s very hard for me to get it down on paper. It is also very hard for me to open up in front of a large group of people that I’m not comfortable around because I have a fear of being incorrect. Although I believe I could have improved a lot more if I put more time and effort into the course I do believe I have improved a great deal over the year. My first explication of the year, which I put on the blog, was the “red shift”. This explication showed that I needed a lot of work in this area. I worked hard on many of my explications. And even though I never really scored high on them by my last explication that I wrote this year on A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man I really felt I was finally able to grasp all the parts you need to cover in an explication. Even though my grade wasn’t that high on this paper I feel like I executed the paper in a more efficient way. I still need to work on the details of the explications but I finally feel as if I understand the correct way to set it up.

            One of the assignments I really feel that I showed my progress in was my College Essay. I was able to reflect all of my feelings and my experiences in a short essay. I think this piece was one of my best writing assignments all year. This is because I was able to put my own personal story behind my writing. This made me a lot more enthusiastic and passionate about my writing.

            The one thing that stood out at me from the beginning of the school year was my journal entries from summer reading. I read two books and both sets of journal entries only took up one page back and front for each book. Now as I look at my journal entries I realized that one entry would take up the amount that four or five did in the summer. This not only shows that I have made more of an effort in my work but it also shows I have widened my thought process and I analysis work better than I did in the beginning of the year. My work has become more extensive and I have an easier time at finding the deeper meaning in all of the pieces we have worked with. Before this year I struggled to find the deeper meaning in any work because I was never sure how to find it. But over the course of the year I have learned how to interpret an authors work through symbols and other literately techniques to find this deeper meaning.

            Throughout High School I have been the kid who could not study and slack off enough that I did the work but not to my best effort and still pull off good grades in hard classes.  But as my senior year is coming to an end I realized that I could have done a lot better. I realized that if I applied myself more to my study’s I would probably be higher up in the class rank. It’s not that I couldn’t do the work throughout my senior year but its that many times I found myself less focused with it because my friends weren’t home focusing on it. I would often wait till the last minute to complete assignments because I was either too busy with another subject or I was too busy with outside activities. So when I stayed up till 3 in the morning to finish that 12-page explication the only person I could blame was myself. That’s why I can truly say I am taking a lot away from this English class and its a lot more than writing. I picked up better working habits that I will hopefully carry with me to college so that I wont be up all night typing a paper or cramming for a test. 

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Emily T 6 said...

This post explains in detail my growth throughout the year and how other aspects throughout the year reflected on my work progress.