Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Creative Writing

Here I am at 12 am in my tired frame The air is hot and stickyon the way to the dark summer streetscape I drink some clear liquid which goes down smoothly And walk to have swagger and to step In. The streets look for you, or me, or she Who tries to become me, it’sReflecting badly on me. I seeThrough it, them as They are sitting in the sand and sipped on clear liquid now 2 years almost ago, and the man took what I had away from me my dignity, & telling.Who would have thought that I’d be here, nothing in this world means everythingto me anymore, like it used to when we used to be together everyday.Up in the air is what we are now More than ever before? Not that it matters, to you in your disguised coateyes penetrating making sure your not notice & uncovered in that room. Not that you can decide between who was going to have to go. careening into uncertainty so. To go & to alone you alone imagine so to go. Not that person who from very first meeting I would never & never replace anyone Into the life of mine & so demanded to the world & who will never leave me. Not for you, nor money nor even for fame and fortune which is Only our human lot & means nothing. No not here There’s a song “living for the moment”. But no, I won’t do that I am 17. When will I die? I will never die. I will live to be 115, & I will never go away, & you will never escape from me Who am always & only a object. Despite this demeanor. Spirit Who live only to haunt. I’m only human, & I am living & I didn’t ask to You made me I came into your life to love And you betrayed me This is not how I expected you Dishonorable & untrustworthy no fate, nevertheless I am still standing The world’s will go on without you and me.

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Emily T 6 said...

I posted this creative writing assignment because i thought it was one of the most interesting assignments we did all year. It was fun because we were able to put our own thoughts into an already half writing poem. It was frustrating at times to find the right words but at the same time it was fun to place our own artistic view on a piece of literature.