Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Midterm Open Response

             The narrator characterizes Susan Ward’s attitude towards her life in Milton thought his use of imagery on Susan’s thoughts and emotions and his juxtaposition of women today compared to Susan Ward. The narrator is able to shed light on Milton and to exemplify Susan Ward’s strength in the town.


            The narrator shows Susan’s love for Milton and her want to stay in this town. “Milton was dim and gentle, molded by gentle lives”(4) this was where Susan felt comfort and securities. This comfort and securities as the narrator shows is through the “gentle lives” being lived in Milton. Susan was “sunk in her affection for home” showing that Susan deeply loved Milton and was not interest or concerned with living in any other place. Any troubles within her life “could not more than briefly interrupt the deep security and peace” which only created a reassurance in the town for Susan.


            Many women would have left there towns and not returned but Susan had resisted being “a women with no real home”. Instead of being “moderns, carrying little baggage of the cultural kind”, Susan would not live with out a home because she didn’t want to lose her families culture and more importantly she didn’t want to feel lost. Milton’s securities provided a place of comfort and reassurance that Susan had somewhere to return to, unlike the modern women who had nothing to go back to.


            The narrator shows Susan’s deep love for Milton through her willingness to stay there even without her husband. She stayed there because she felt secure and comfortable within her surrounding and her family’s memories. 

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Emily T 6 said...

I placed this Open Response on the blog because it was one of my best test grades for a short answer I received in the class. It shows that by the mid year mark I was making important strides in improving my writing in class. It also shows how i worked well during a time period to be to stay within the time limit offered.